About Us

We are two girls in love, married and loving it. We met summer of 2005 and have been together since.  We got married, bought a house and had our son, Ryan, in the past 2 years.  We are an easy going couple with family and friends who love and support us, and Ryan.

Laurie: 27, carrier of our first born prince, works for local major cable company.
Heather: 26, up next for operation sibling, works in health care.
Ryan: 11 months, prince of our palace.

We're your normal lesbian with a baby couple. We like friends, family, game nights and food.  We enjoy our time alone, hanging out with friends and making new ones.

We decided to make this blog because we told our family and friends about our other blog. We don't want them to know when we are ttcing #2. So, instead of a password protected blog/posts we just decided to make a sister blog so they wouldn't get suspicious.