Monday, August 22, 2011

The good with the bad: BR Day 2

Most of today went smoothly...

I had a biophysical profile done for the babies today, they looked great.  Baby A's sac has sealed up a bit and the fluid has started to collect again.  The tech said that if I didn't tell him that I had ruptured, he wouldn't know it.  The fluid is in within normal limits.  This is amazing because on Saturday, there was hardly any fluid around baby A.  Miracle I tell ya, miracle.  Both babies were doing really good practice breathing and bouncing around as they should.  Also, both babies are measuring a little over 2lbs. each.  Grow babies, grow!
But, you know with a bunch of good stuff, bad has to come too... My blood pressure has started to make a climb today.  This bought me a 24 hour urine and blood work to check for pre-e.  The worst part is that for the urine collection  I had to get a foley catheter.  I could of really done without that. It is something I'd never like to experience again.  It was just..... yeah, no fun.  Getting up to pee was the one of the highlights of my day!  It only has to stay in for 24 hours, so I guess I should enjoy not getting up tonight to go to the bathroom. 

Last night I began having some contractions that were pretty painful.  At one point they were 7 minutes apart but then they started to space themselves out. So, no magnesium for me! whoohoo! I'm still having the contractions proballly about 2-3 a hour, sometimes a bit longer in between.  It seems like I get them more at night when I am laying down or changing my position.  I hope that tonight I am mostly contraction free and I'm able to get some rest.  It certainly isn't easy getting sleep at night in a hospital with people coming in to check my blood pressure, take my temp and check up on the babies. 

Today, I'm so very grateful that I'm still pregnant and these babies are doing great and growing like weeds inside. 


  1. Awesome Heather - thanks for posting an update. I have thought about you both all day. That is great news that the sac has sealed up a bit and the fluid level is going back up!!! Boo on the BP and catheter - ugh! We are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers - hope you get lots of rest tonight - I am up every 2 hours running to the bathroom - sometimes I think how nice a catheter would be. It doesn't sound so fun once you mentioned it though. We will be 21 weeks tomorrow - only 6 weeks behind you guys :) Hang in there and keep us posted with how the babies are doing!

  2. oh good! I'm glad the babies are doing just fine and growing! Now let's work on you being healthy lady! Hope you get some good sleep tonight. =)

  3. Reassuring update - sounds like a good day (except the cathedar!) Amazing about the fluid levels!

    Hope tonight is uneventful.

    We're thinking of you all.

  4. Thinking of you two. Grow babies grow! I'm so happy to hear about the fluid being back for Baby A.

  5. Grow babies grow! Sending you love from California! We're keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!

  6. Heather - that is great news..the baby part..not the catheter part! Rest up chica!

  7. How are you feeling today? Any new news?