Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the go...

Life has been so crazy here lately.  I feel like I'm always running somewhere.  Now that I'm back to work (boo!) I spend a little bit of time with Laurie and Ryan in the morning and then I'm off to see Zachary for his 11:30 feed so I can nurse him. Then, I'm home by 12:30-1, each lunch, pump, and I'm off to work at 2:15.  It is going to be so nice having Zachary home, my mornings wont be so hectic! 

My blood pressures have not gone down since I delivered.  They were running 140-150s over 90-100. No good.  I was put on blood pressure meds, and I've been feeling worse on them than not.  I had a bout of blurry vision, and headaches.  I hope that it's just my body getting adjusted to the meds, because I was feeling find without them.(minus my blood pressure being sky high!)

Zachary is doing wonderful! He is 5 pounds and growing rapidly out of his preemie clothes.  He is taking 6 out of 8 feeds though a bottle or breastfeeding, and holding his temp stable.  He still has the nasal cannuals in, but they have been trying to ween him off, so hopefully he'll loose them soon too.  Within the next few days they will be putting him into a open crib, and weening him off the caffeine.  He has to stay a week after the ween him off the caffeine, and if he is able to not have any episodes of stopping breaking or heart rate dropping, then they will send him home.  So, we could be looking at a little over a week to two weeks and he'll be home!!! I can't wait.  I want Ryan to meet his little brother, and I just want our family all in one place!

Here are some recent pictures of Zachary...


  1. You go mama! You and Zachary are both rockstars. And FYI, I am SO impressed he's breastfeeding! Buggie was three weeks early and weighed over 6lbs but it took us both quite awhile to figure it all out. So happy you'll all be home together soon!

  2. How wonderful!!! Extra thoughts and prayers for Zachary to continue doing awesome and be able to come home!

  3. *love* the pictures. sounds like he is doing great; i've got fingers crossed that he is able to come home SOON!

  4. awwww what a cutie pie. I hope he can come home soon!

  5. Love love love love the fotos, he is adorable, love the cheeks!